About Me

I’ve always found that writing was best skill. I couldn’t do math and I wasn’t a fan of the sciences. But history and writing always came easy to me. And then throw in my love and passion for sports and that’s me. My dad was always a huge sports history buff and taught me a lot of what I know and my mom will be the first to admit that the sports history acorn did not fall far from the tree (Cue my mom nodding stoically).

When I got to college and finally realized that my math potential had run its course thanks to a course called business calculus, I found journalism and imagined getting free tickets to sporting events and having to just write about it afterwards. While that dream sounds better than anything I can imagine, it’s also become apparent that the journalism industry is not far from extinction (This feels so ironic as I’m typing into a blog website). But I enjoy writing about sports and that’s all this is for.

During the day, I answer questions about people’s retirement plans they have set up through Transamerica and I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida to maintain that job. I had to pick up and leave all my family and friends behind in Charlotte but it was a decision that I would never change if given the opportunity. I’ve met some awesome people down here, have started a career whether it’s in the field I want to be in or not and got to sit back and laugh at everyone who was dealing with snow and ice and miserable weather all winter while I had to deal with the temperature dipping into the 50’s a couple times at night. Tough life down here in Florida. But that’s all of the snapshot I have to offer at this time. Hopefully you enjoy my writing.

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